Who is Molly Penny?

Molly Penny is the Therapeutic Clown at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa since 2001.She has been to some wonderful conferences and has met great people over the years. She has trained with Susie Kleinwatcher, Cheryl Oberg, and Leon McBride and has presented at numerous conferences and education settings to raise awareness of this work. She has appeared in various media and offers clown workshops for children during their hospital stay. "I am very fortunate to be supported by anonymous donors. I thank you for your continued support" says Molly.

To Molly, the rewards are not only the smiles but also the privilege of being part of the lives of family and kids who display extraordinary courage and inspiration.

"Throughout my journey I have come to learn that It is not a matter of being funny, but rather of having fun."

What is a Therapeutic Clown?

We defined a professional therapeutic clown as one who:

  • is specifically trained to work in the health care field
  • abides by a code of ethics
  • is committed to being a regular presence in the health care setting
  • collaborates routinely with other members of the health care team
  • engages in on-going training and development
  • receives appropriate remuneration for the work

Want to know more about Therapeutic Clowning? Check out the Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns website!