The human body is a marvel!

Ever wonder what makes your body move the way it does? Ever asked yourself how your body works?

You go from being a tiny baby to a big kid, and then to be your parent’s size – or even taller. Along the way, you learn to talk, walk, eat by yourself and jump really high. You body can run, do flips, lift stuff, learn and create new things, throw and catch balls, and can even enjoy a good tickle. The human body is a marvel indeed!

In this section, we have information on how the human body works. This month, we’ll start by looking at some of the internal organs in our bodies.

The heart: The heart is a muscle that’s responsible for pumping the blood throughout your body. It beats 70 times in 60 seconds unless you’re running or moving fast, and then it beats at a much faster pace!
The brain: The brain houses sections that are responsible for special jobs throughout your body, like movement, sight, speech, smell, hearing and feelings.
The intestines: The intestines form a digestive tube that measures seven metres long! It’s responsible for distributing nutrients to all your organs. Digestion ends in what’s called the large intestine.
The kidneys: They are two of them. Your kidneys have two roles, they filter the waste from your blood and transforms it into urine (pee), so that it can leave your body.
The stomach: The stomach is an organ where all the food you eat goes into. It produces gastric juices and mixes it with the food to prepare it for digestion.
The lungs: There are two of them. Lungs take the oxygen you breathe and makes sure it gets transported by your blood to your cells. It’s also responsible to help blood take away the waste (called carbon dioxide) produced by cells and breathe it out.


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