Hi! I’m Mollypenny... CHEO’s therapeutic clown.

On this page I post photos of my hospital friends and some of the artwork that they have done for me. There are also jokes, videos, and questions from kids at CHEO! Have fun looking through the page, and don't forget to send me some Clown Mail!



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Jokes of the month !

   "What is between your clwn nose and your chin ?'

            Answer: Tu-lips !

   "What did one elevator say to the other elevator at CHEO?"

            Answer:  I think I'm coming down with something !

   “What happens when you step on an orange?" 

            Answer:  You hurt it's peelings !

   "What do you give birds when they are ill ?" 

            Answer:  A tweet-ment !

   "What game do sharks like to play ?"  

             Answer:  Swallow the leader !

   "What do ghosts use to wash their hair?"

            Answer: Sham-boo !




Here are some questions I received from friends I met at the hospital:

Do you have a secret brownie recipe?Noor, 8 years old

The recipe is classified level 4 secret information…even the Prime Minister doesn’t know it. Actually, only the kids at CHEO really know how good my brownies are!

Mollypenny, where do you stay at CHEO?- Ann, 5 years old

I do have a clown office! I'm here on : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from around 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. and occasionally as late as 11:00 p.m. or midnight. Some days I am not here at all and lately I have been here just about all the time, except of course, when I’m someplace else, but I should be there too.

Do you sleep at CHEO?
Olivia, 4 3/4  years old

Not when I’m on the job!

How can I become a clown? - Patrick, 5 1/2 years old

Bring out the clown in you by seeing the funny side of life and you will be ready to go to Clown School. I do offer classes for kids who have been in the hospital a long time.


Moments With Molly

Click here to see pictures and videos of my friends at the hospital and some of the incredible artwork they have created!

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